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SSI Guardian President
Michael A. Yorio discusses
Back to School Safety Best Practices
with Good Morning Washington's
Adrianna Hopkins

"While there are many ideas and theories on how to improve school safety, it is important that we focus on best practices and existing evidence based solutions that have proven to make schools safer."

-Michael Yorio, SSI Guardian President

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The Right Training
The Right Equipment
The Correct Action Plan

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Products that provide life-saving immediate aid.

The Only Active Shooter Training Program with an Accredited CEU

STOP The Threat Advanced Training is a one of a kind program. It’s the only one of its type offering an accredited CEU issued by North Carolina State University. Our evidenced based training curriculum is PhD authored and meets academic standards. SSI Guardian advanced safety education training qualifies for professional development funding and is designed to meet current threats and security challenges impacting institutional safety. Advanced Safety Education Training is the only program that teaches active shooter survival, emotional & psychological recovery, situational awareness and 20 + critical topics in a comprehensive course.

Tier One Security Consulting

We take your safety very seriously – especially when it comes to your schools and children.

Our team of experts is unmatched with over 150 years of experience in law enforcement, military, and site-based security. The best way to prevent or minimize a crisis event is to be prepared for one. Determining building and area vulnerabilities, in a quick and effective manner, is our specialty.  Our Tier One Security Consulting will share our knowledge, evaluate your building(s) and campus, and work with your local law enforcement to make sure you and your staff are aware and prepared.

SSI Guardian President, Michael Yorio, speaks with Washington DC’s News Channel 8

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