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The SSI Guardian Difference

SSI Guardian has Set the New Standard in Safety Education

SSI Guardian, LLC was created by School Specialty, Inc. the name you know as America’s premier provider to education for over 57 years. From early childhood through high school and beyond, School Specialty provides over 100,000 educational products from the most trusted brands nationwide, including Crayola, 3M, Elmer’s and their own proprietary brands such as Childcraft, Sax, EPS, Califone, and Frey, among others.

In response to increased threat risks and the absence of standards regarding school safety and security, SSI Guardian was born. Our comprehensive approach incorporates security industry best practices and protocols addressing all facets of security. An effective security initiative begins with planning and training and only SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training provides schools and organizations with evidenced based PhD authored training curriculum programs with an attached accredited CEU issued by North Carolina State University. This one of kind Advanced Safety Education Training is delivered by our elite instructor cadre holding tier one protective security and professional presentation credentials. Additionally, all SSI Guardian Instructors have received certification via the SSI Guardian Instructor Academy, a rigorous three day program focused on professional presentation and Advanced Safety Education Training curriculum.

Active Shooter events are unpredictable and happen very fast. From the first shot fired, the average incident lasts a total of 8 – 12 minutes; well before law enforcement can arrive on the scene. You need to know what actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and how to assist responding law enforcement officials. In a situation where your life is on the line, the quality of that training and the expertise of the instructor will make all the difference. Are you prepared? Do you know what to do?

What makes SSI Guardian unique?

We have set the new standard through our evidenced based advanced training and comprehensive approach helping schools, universities, hospitals, corporate and governmental agencies create the safest environments possible. Our advanced training is one of a kind and is the only the program of its type with an attached CEU.

SSI Guardian Leads The Way


Our Ph.D. authored advanced training curriculum is presented by an instructor cadre holding the highest level of industry credentials. It is SSI Guardian’s extensive knowledge in leadership and the security domain that affords our customers  tailored solutions based on industry best practices and proven strategies used by federal agencies such as the US Secret Service, FBI and Department of State. Those who have personally protected U.S. Presidents, high ranking government officials and embassies draw on decades of real life experience and education to ensure that our nation’s future leaders, our children and those who have been deputized to look after their safety and well-being are prepared to confront the now all too often possibility of an active shooter.

From Active Shooter to All Hazard to School Bus Driver safe training, we offer a vast range of advanced training programs that are both current and credible. Please peruse our site and contact us to learn more.

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