Francis P. DeCesare

Certified Executive Instructor

Can you look a parent in the eye when they ask you, what did you do to protect my child?

– Francis DeCesare

Mr. DeCesare brings more than 25 years overall security and law enforcement experience, with 22 of those years as part as The Pennsylvania State Police. Francis holds a strong background in school security where he recently served as a middle school security officer and is US Army Veteran.

Francis distinguished himself as successful instructor/leader in two careers. After completion of his criminology degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he was a distinguished honors graduate from the ROTC program, he was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. During his service, Francis completed Airborne and Ranger school and commanded a mechanized Infantry Platoon and Scout Platoon while serving in Germany.

While serving with the Pennsylvania State police Mr. DeCesare further distinguished himself as a Patrol Trooper and Member of Special Emergency Response Team. Prior to his selection as a training instructor he participated in over one thousand high risk incidents including barricaded gunman, high risk warrant service, dignitary protection, hostage rescue incidents. He also instructed several hundred State Troopers and local police officers in response to active shooting incidents.

After retiring from the Pennsylvania State Police, Francis worked at local Jr/Sr. High School in Pennsylvania as a security officer.

A graduate of the SSI Guardian Academy, Officer DeCesare brings a lifetime of critical incident experience to the classroom.