Jim Keener, CPP

Certified Executive Instructor

SSI Guardian provides educators and administrators the tools to create policies & procedures and a working knowledge base to be proactive.

– Jim Keener, CPP

Mr. Keener has over 40 years of national and International security and life safety industry experience, specializing in Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation through advanced integrated technology applications and solutions as well as extensive involvement in security management and operations. His extensive global experience in European and Latin American markets has allowed him to develop business relationships with leading security engineering and technology companies. Jim has held numerous executive management positions in Fortune 500 companies, including General Motors Corp., Hughes Aircraft Company, as well as Tyco, International.

In 1996, Jim was the Olympic Programs Director, responsible for the design and installation of the $20M multi-campus/multi-state integrated security system for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  He served in the United States Military and US Government in the capacity of Military Intelligence.   Mr. Keener is a board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS).