Joe Wilson

Regional Business Development Manager

Unfortunately, school shootings continue to occur at an alarming rate and as a police officer I have witnessed many mistakes made by schools and business when it comes to their active shooter preparedness and response practices. For teachers and school staff, the focus really needs to be on evidence based best practices prevention and preparation, this is critical.

– Joe Wilson

Joe brings more than three decades of successful law enforcement expertise and leadership credentials to our organization and will play a critical role in helping us reach our full potential.

He served in the United States Army as an MP and is a retired Pennsylvania State Police Commander. Prior to joining SSI Guardian, Joe was recruited to assist in the development of a brand-new police department which he took command as the Deputy Chief of Police, developing department policy, design and function. He was quickly recognized as a subject matter expert in active shooter response and has assisted many area law enforcement/fire/medical response agencies in the development of integrated response plans, as well as advising school districts and corporations regarding civilian response to active shooter events.

During his career with the Pennsylvania State Police, Joe served as Commander Special Emergency Response Team (SERT/SWAT), were he developed and executed tactical plans in austere environments (hostage rescue operations, barricaded gunmen, high risk warrant service, dignitary protection details, etc.). He was also responsible for developing tactical and negotiations team priorities; writing policy and procedures for tactical operations as well as active shooter response for the entire department’s rank and file troopers. Joe worked extensively with the private sector as well as federal Homeland Security Protective Security Advisors, CDC/Health and Human Services, PA Department of Health, PEMA, The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and the Governor’s Office. Wilson is also a graduate of the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy with a certificate in criminal justice administration from the University of Virginia.