Thomas Pecora

Certified Executive Instructor

People, if informed and educated, they make the right decisions.

– Thomas Pecora

Thomas (Tom) Pecora has 27 years of security experience and served for 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) retiring as a GS 15 Senior Security Manager.  He has extensive worldwide operational security support experience and in depth knowledge of CIA and Intelligence Community security disciplines through overseas postings and travel assignments to facilities and stations in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

A particularly important assignment during Pecora’s career involved a rotational with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) where he was the Director of Security for the NRO’s largest mission ground station.  He led an 82 person security staff that provided security management and supported complex operational, physical, personnel security, and safety programs for more than 3700 personnel.  Pecora was also the Chair for the Workplace Violence Assessment Team (WVAT) charged with investigating allegations of workplace violence/hostile work place and implementing appropriate actions.  Pecora researched effective WVAT programs, sought out a local subject matter expert on WVAT and the Active Shooter phenomena, and then hosted a national WVAT/Active Shooter Training event. He worked with NRO, CIA, NSA, and NGA headquarters elements to begin more effective Active Shooter response scenarios.

Pecora spent a considerable amount of time overseas in senior security positions.  He was Chief of Security in Pakistan, Iraq, and the Philippines where he was responsible for countrywide integrated security programs in these fast-paced high terrorism and critical threat environments.  Pecora conducted numerous site security assessments and coordinated all emergency management planning and response (personnel accountability, emergency action and evacuation planning) to ensure the safety and security of all CIA personnel in country.  Pecora was the Station focal point for the US Secret Service and managed protective operations support to a large number of visiting VIP personnel to include the President, Vice President, Director of CIA, DNI, as well as Senate and Congressional Delegations.

Pecora, a seasoned veteran in the area of protective operations and protective operations training, led teams providing overseas protective operations support to CIA personnel operating in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Caribbean, and Europe as well as domestic protective operations supporting CIA and senior US government officials and foreign dignitaries.  Besides training CIA personnel, he spent 3 years providing specialized protective operations training courses to foreign government protective services from Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Pecora holds a Masters of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Marquette University.

While at the CIA, Pecora received the Intelligence Star, the CIA’s second highest honor for valor awarded “for a voluntary act or acts of courage performed under hazardous conditions or conditions of grave personal risk”.  He also received the Career Intelligence Medal for a cumulative record of service reflecting exceptional achievements that substantially contributed to the mission of the CIA.  Pecora is affiliated with the International Security Drivers Association (ISDA), International Society for Crime Prevention (ISCPP), and ASIS.

Thomas has over 27 years of experience in overseas security, crisis management, personnel and physical security, and counter-terrorism.  He is a seasoned protective operations veteran who retired after serving 24 years at the CIA as a senior security officer having managed large complex security programs in the war zones.