Tom Amenta

Regional Business Development Manager

The depth of knowledge of our instructor staff and the ability to use our products and services, even in an extremely stressful and uncertain environment, is what SSI Guardian is all about. In high stress, high risk situations simple is always the best course of action. We deliver that simplicity in a calm, fact driven and properly vetted way.

– Tom Amenta

Tom Amenta has been working in business development in the security, law enforcement or military sectors for over a decade.

Tom is the former head of business development and COO of, an Internet Retailer Second 500 company in the e-commerce sector. Tom led the company from startup to attaining #1 mover status in the law enforcement and military apparel spaces.

Tom brings a wide array of professional sales, digital marketing and business acumen including a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to SSI Guardian. As a professional consultant he has developed security plans for C-level executives and highly respected members of the greater Raleigh Durham community.

Mr. Amenta served in the United States Army Ranger Regiment as a Non-Commissioned Officer where he led training programs for elite teams and served two tours in Afghanistan. Among his many roles and responsibilities as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment included being on personal security details, standard and heavy breach teams, and communications specialist for his unit.

Tom also spent a decade as an instructor specializing in infantry tactics and officer development. He was the senior instructor and wrote the training curriculum for the state of Indiana that was awarded the United States Army Institute of Excellence, the highest honor a training program can obtain.

An Illinois native, Tom earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and was selected to speak at his commencement ceremony based on contribution to the University and achievements.


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