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YOU Can Make a Difference in School Safety

School officials, teachers and parents have spoken loudly. They want safe schools. They want the best available safety and security advanced training and solutions. In the absence of federal standards, SSI Guardian has taken a leadership role and provides schools evidenced based advanced training and performance proven solutions.

Unfortunately many schools are challenged with retracted budgets and limited funding for these life-critical items, leaving the safety of our children in the hands of opinion based training and unproven solutions. Most schools are ill prepared for violent acts such an active shooter event or terrorism.

Business leaders such as 3M, Pacon and SP Richards have stepped up, making training scholarships available to deserving schools. YOU too can make a difference regardless of your company and private donors bridge the gap that can be lifesaving. Partners can select those schools they wish to sponsor or choose a security needs area and SSI Guardian will select an impoverished school recipient based on need.

We will not rest until every child and every school are afforded the absolute safest learning environment possible.

Safety Linked to Reduced Truancy in High-Poverty Schools

A recent study conducted by UC Davis School of Education concluded that school wide initiatives enhancing both school safety and connectedness may lead to improved school attendance at California’s most disadvantaged schools.

An effective school safety initiative must be comprehensive and tailored to meet the school’s specific safety and security needs. Advanced training and preparedness are at the core of successful safety initiatives yet remain the most overlooked and underfunded components.

SSI Guardian Advanced Training has set the new standard that schools wanted and deserve.

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