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Incidents at Academic Institutions are Among the Most Deadliest.

The deadliest mass shooting at a college campus occurred at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA where 32 people lost their lives and 17 were wounded. Between 2000 and 2013, 12 active shooter events accounted for 60 deaths with another 60 being wounded at higher education settings.

Unfortunately, this disturbing trend continues across American universities who are faced with a vast array of threats. SSI Guardian helps higher education institutions plan and prepare for unannounced incidents while empowering individuals to better identify threats. SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training goes far beyond the basics and is unparalleled in content quality, validity and its comprehensive approach that includes emotional and psychological recovery, emotional first aid and a host of behavioral topics.

This PhD-authored training curriculum is delivered by an elite professional instructor cadre. These individuals include a Behavioral Psychologist and Professor, the former Vice President of Global Campus Security at Georgetown University and a current professor and former department executive at Methodist University.

Empowering Faculty and Staff

I think this is something every university should have some access to. This has helped UCCS in more ways than I could have even imagined. It has been so eye opening, it has been so advantageous to us. This did on a scale that we would not be able to do internally, it brought these people together in one room and in the timespan of a day has been able to accomplish things here today that I couldn’t accomplish in a year.

– Chief Brian McPike, UCCS Police Chief

Advanced Emergency Operations Planning

Developing a quality Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is of paramount importance for higher education institutions. This critical requirement serves as the guidance catalyst for all potential risks and hazards that institutions face. SSI Guardian assists academic officials in creating and sustaining Advanced Emergency Operations Plans (AEOP) through a collaborative all-hazards approach with a focus preparation and prevention. Sharing the AEOP with all stakeholders is necessary for a successful implementation.

Advanced Emergency Operations Plans should include provisions for Active Shooter, The Clery Act, FERPA, HIPPA and a host of other institution specific threat risks. International student population is also a critical component of an AEOP. Over 800,000 international students and scholars study at American colleges and universities each year. These students require unique requirements which must be incorporated into an effective Advanced EOP. Communication, reporting and visa status are just a few examples of specific needs of international students.


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