Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Large numbers of individuals moving about in an open environment, through multiple access points, can make hospital safety a nightmare. SSI Guardian has developed advanced training programs specifically for the healthcare industry. We have the expertise of former hospital security officials, and by applying our comprehensive matrix, we’re able to offer a menu of best fit solutions for a health institution’s needs.

Over 29 million patient health records affected

Hospitals are among the highest at risk industries when it comes to data breaches. Technology moves at a rapid and ever changing pace, making it extremely difficult from a security perspective to mitigate and prevent. Since 2009, over 29 million patient health records have been reportedly affected by data breaches. Cyber security threats are a real and serious problem requiring innovative thinking and real time solutions.

Growing Active Shooter Threat in the U.S.

Hospitals may face civil liability if they are found to be under-prepared for a crisis incident such as active shooter. SSI Guardian Advanced Active Shooter Training helps hospitals and healthcare facilities plan and prepare for this unpredictable event. Our evidence based curriculum taught by some of America’s most qualified security experts serves as a critical component to a hospital’s emergency plan. The Department of Homeland Security and the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) recommend active shooter training as part of an effective emergency action plan.

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