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Our Children Deserve the Best

Schools Wanted a Better Solution and We Responded.

Our children deserve the best quality education available in a learning environment that’s safe and secure. SSI Guardian helps schools achieve the safest learning environment possible through a comprehensive solutions approach that’s tailored to meet their specific threat mitigation needs.

Designed specifically for the K-12 space, SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training goes far beyond the basics and is tailored to meet your school’s individual safety and security needs. No two schools are identical and without a customized approach, schools regardless of size or location remain soft targets for violent acts such as lone active shooters and terrorism.

SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training prepares and empowers school administrators, educators and staff to effectively plan and train for a multitude of potential threats risks. It all begins with planning and an increased level of awareness of potential threat indicators.

It is no longer enough to simply “check the box” or participate in basic lectures or training largely based on opinion. School administrators must take every possible measure to ensure the safety and wellbeing and their students, teachers and staff. Delivered in a live interactive learning environment, SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training includes more than 20 key learning objectives including Emotional and Psychological Recovery, Emotional First Aid, Situational Awareness and other critical behavioral topics that no other training program can offer.

SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training is the only program in America with a professional development CEU issued via certified transcript by NC State University, which qualifies for professional development funding. We have set the new standard.

Preparing for Any Situation

I just wanted to pass along my sincere gratitude for the recent training by your outstanding staff at SSI Guardian on February 12th at our Summit Academy Xenia school. The feedback has been nothing but positive from the SA Xenia staff who immediately used the empowerment approach to start designing their classroom safety plans. I am hopeful we will continue to partner to get all of our Summit schools trained by SSI Guardian.

– Mr. Mark E. Sebastian, Summit Academy Regional Director of Operations

Evidence-Based Training Curriculum

Our training is built around an evidence-based curriculum that is PhD authored to academic standards, delivered in a live, interactive session.

Highly Credentialed Protective Security Experts

Our program is taught by some of America’s most qualified security professionals — individuals who have spent their careers protecting the lives of others. They have been entrusted with the lives of US Presidents, high ranking dignitaries, and celebrities.

Tailored Curriculum To Meet Your Needs

Uniquely, our training programs are tailored to the needs of each school district and individual. This ensures you receive the best fit training for your institution rather than an awkward off the shelf program prone to waste valuable time and resources.


School administrators are faced with the challenge of not just doing something but doing the right thing when it comes to safe school training. In 2015, watching a short video and receiving an hour-long lecture is no longer sufficient to safeguard the lives of students and teachers.

All-Hazards Training

Our Active Shooter Advanced Training addresses a plethora of today’s threats facing our schools. Not only will your staff learn what to do in the event of a school shooting, but they’ll learn critical life awareness skills that help prevent such incidents from occurring.

Our Bus Driver Awareness program was developed specifically for school bus drivers, who regularly see children at both the first and last moments of the day. As such, they are often in the best position to identify suspicious behavior or suspicious objects along the institution’s perimeters. Inclusion of members of all departments is imperative to an effective school safety initiative.

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