Transportation Awareness

School Bus Operator Advanced Training

School bus operators play a critical role in a comprehensive school security initiative. In many cases, they are the first person and the last person to see a child on any given school day. While highway and vehicle safety are practiced regularly, a definitive void exists as it pertains to security related matters. SSI Guardian has developed Advanced Transportation Awareness Training to help prepare drivers for a myriad of threats. The program serves benefits all school bus operators, whether employed by a school district or independent provider.


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Situational Awareness

School bus drivers face a plethora of threats each day requiring a high degree of situational and observational skill sets. The ability to identify and report suspicious or concerning behavior is imperative. Spotting threat indicators and taking action can literally prevent incidents from taking place. With a keen understanding of the importance of situational awareness, SSI Guardian teaches valuable techniques and strategies germane to both internal and external indicators while encouraging drivers to report potential threats as soon as they are recognized.

Potential Threats

  • Bomb Scares
  • Hijackings
  • Child Abductions
  • Bullying
  • Fighting
  • Violent Intruders
  • Shootings
  • Weather
  • Aggressive Drivers

Preparation & Planning

Preparation will help mitigate school bus incidents, improving reporting documentation and response time. Knowing what course of action to take during random events can make all the difference. Preparation begins with effective planning and is further honed through continued practice. Collaboration and communication with other departments and local law enforcement are critical. Bus drivers should always play a primary role in crafting emergency plans.

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Transportation Security Training