21st Century Safe Classroom

Individual classroom safety is a vital part of modern school security. The 21st Century Safe Classroom package from SSI Guardian gives you simple, affordable, easy-to-use tools to help ensure your safety in the classroom in the event of an active shooter or other emergency.

The 21st Century Safe Classroom Package Includes:

QAL - Quick Action Lockdown Lock*

Quick Action Lockdown lock

Easy to use classroom door locks are important for classroom safety. In the event of an active shooter situation or any incident that requires an immediate school lockdown, these locks snap into place in less than one second once the red button is pushed.

  • Anyone in the classroom can trigger the locks.
  • Instantly deadbolt doors.
  • Maintains 100% Fire Code Compliance in all 50 States.
  • Superior to barricade devices.
  • Compatible with existing cores and cylinders.
  • Mortise and cylindrical models available.

The QAL is designed so anyone inside the locked room can still exit easily, simply by pulling down the interior handle. In addition, staff and emergency responders can always enter from outside by using a master key. The QAL is the fastest lock available for instant safety in the classroom.

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Individual Bleeding Control Kit

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Whether as the result of an active shooter incident, mass casualty, or simple accident, bleeding control kits save lives. Each 21st Century Safe Classroom package comes with an individual bleeding control kit with all of the equipment you need to stop bleeding, including simple to follow instructions.

  • Designed to treat penetrating trauma and major bleeding.
  • Includes step-by-step illustrated “Just in Time” pictorial instructions that enable even the untrained provider to help save lives.
  • Available in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced configurations.
Individual Bleeding Control kit
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Lockdown Shade*

Classroom lockdown shade
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During an active shooter incident or other attack, classroom safety can depend on intruders not knowing if the room is occupied or not. Lockdown shades help ensure safety in the classroom by preventing anyone from seeing inside.

  • Unique shades instantly block glass openings on classroom doors.
  • Lock the door with one hand and drop the shade with the other.
  • Provides instant black out from the hallway view.

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