Innovative Locking Systems For Enhanced Safety

These classroom lockdown solutions are designed to accompany your existing door lock, eliminating the need for replacing key systems. Like the Quick Action Lockdown, these new locks have the same quick push button locking action.

QUICKBOLT™ Instant Lockdown Locks


QUICKBOLT Instant Lockdown Locks provides instant bolting of the door with a press of the red button, and installs over existing cylindrical lever locksets.

  • Maintains single motion free egress at all times.
  • Meets all life safety and ADA codes.
  • Thru-bolted steel housing with heavy stainless steel bolt, adapter to existing lever, and flame-retardant glass fiber nylon cover.
  • Lock status indicator window turns red when lockdown is activated, easily seen from across a room.
  • Metal installation template ensures accurate and fast installations for interfacing with all popular cylindrical locks. QuickBolt accepts any standard rim cylinder and greatly increases the security of your doors while focusing on life safety.
  • Certified: QUICKBOLT is approved to be used as a component in a Fire Door assembly with 1/3-hour rating with Hose Stream.
  • Rim cylinder required (standard or removable core) and available separately. Core not included.

FAST Lockdown Intruder Protection Locks


This system is designed to accompany your existing lock, eliminating the need for replacing key systems. Trim converts an existing mortise lock to an instant lockdown lock.

  • Anyone can secure the room with a flip of the red lever!
  • Allows free egress at all times.
  • Meets all Life Safety and ADA Codes.
  • Contains an interior lever trim that replaces existing lever trim.

Information and Downloads:

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