School Safety Best Practices and Comprehensive Solutions

While there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing school shootings or acts of terrorism, we know for certain that evidence based school safety training is the single most important component of a comprehensive school safety plan.

Proper training will empower faculty and staff to make the right decision during a crisis and overcome gaps in their school safety and security plan.

10 Important Questions to Ask About School Safety

Questions to Ask About School Safety Infographic

FINAL SSI Guardian 10 Questions (1)

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Key Indicators of Target Violence in Schools


How to Identify, Assess, and Manage the Risk of Future, Planned Violence


What is a Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) and Why Do You Need One?

Determining If a Student Poses a Threat of Targeted Violence

Determining If a Student Poses a Threat of Targeted Violence

The 21st Century Safe Classroom

The 21st Century Safe Classroom is a simple and cost-effective way to immediately upgrade classroom safety. SSI Guardian and School Specialty offer a comprehensive classroom safety kit that includes a Quick Action Lockdown door lock, a Classroom Lockdown Shade, and a Classroom Stop the Bleed Kit.

Quick Action Lockdown Classroom


The Guardian QAL classroom lock allows you to instantly deadbolt a classroom door while maintaining 100% fire code compliance. When needed, pressing the red button instantly throws the deadbolt to the locked position.

Stop the Bleed Emergency Kits


Stop the Bleed kits include a nylon carry bag containing pressure dressings, gauze bandages, tourniquets, and other tools, along with clear, easy to understand instructions to help you in an emergency situation.

Classroom Lockdown Shades

Classroom lockdown shade

During an active shooter incident or other attack, classroom safety can depend on intruders not knowing if the room is occupied or not. Lockdown shades help ensure safety in the classroom by preventing anyone from seeing inside.

SSI Guardian in the News

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