Professional Development Accredited Training

We Have Set the NEW Standard

SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training is tailored to meet your school’s specific threat needs and school safety initiative objectives. Our live interactive training model incorporates proven security industry best practices delivered in a professional learning environment by subject matter experts. Inherent learning continuity is achieved via distance learning modules and ongoing communications with the SSI Guardian team.

Research is at the core of our Advanced Safety Education Training programs. We do not teach opinion or emotion, nor do we guess. Further, we do not subscribe to the “Train the Trainer” methodology as it pertains to training individuals not holding tier one security credentials. When it comes to life critical training there is no room for error and in 2016, schools face a myriad of threats requiring security expertise and advanced training.

SSI Guardian Advanced Safety Education Training addresses the most pressing needs such as active shooter, threat awareness, bullying, cyber threats, gangs and a host of other potential threats such as natural disasters and terrorism. Through our professional consultative approach, we deliver solutions specific to your school or organizational needs, not those of someone else.



In addition to its customized elements, content quality and professional delivery, advanced training requires repetition and reviews. Interactive live training is followed by supplemental live and virtual training, making certain maximum retention is achieved.

K-12 Schools and Beyond

Educational institutions are second only to businesses as it pertains to violent shootings. While there are common strategies and indicators, a school is much different than a workplace environment. SSI Guardian understands these differences and has developed industry specific programs for K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, government and businesses.