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SSI Guardian QAL – Quick Action Lockdown

Quick Action Lockdown lock

Mortise-Style School Locks

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The Guardian QAL classroom lock allows you to instantly deadbolt a classroom door while maintaining 100% fire code compliance. These locks function as a regular classroom lock for everyday use. When there is a need for a lockdown, pressing the red button instantly throws the deadbolt to the locked position. These school locks are so simple, anyone can use them! The door unlocks simply when the interior handle is turned, allowing free exit from the room. They also work like a regular classroom function lockset, unlocking with a master key. This lock is also part of our 21st Century Safe Classroom package.

  • Type 1 locks – the outside lever does not change when the red button is pressed.
  • Type 2 locks – pressing the red button automatically locks the exterior lever. These school locks are for use on doors with 8-inch mortise openings. Requires 2 mortise cylinders.

See Our QAL Lock in Action

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These fast and effective school door locks are designed for doors with cylindrical lock openings. Teachers or students can deadbolt doors instantly and maintain 100% fire code compliance with these classroom locks. They also function as a regular classroom lock for everyday use, and can easily be opened from the outside by teachers, administrators, or first responders with a key. When there is a need for a lockdown, pressing the red button instantly throws the deadbolt to the locked position. Used on doors with cylindrical lock openings, and requires 3 Interchangeable cores. The red button does not affect the outside lever. This lock is part of our 21st Century Safe Classroom package.

QAL classroom lock with deadbolt

Cylindrical School Door Locks

The Need For Speed – QAL vs. Barricade Devices

FAST Lockdown Intruder Protection Locks

This system is designed to accompany your existing lock, eliminating the need for replacing key systems. Trim converts an existing mortise lock to an instant lockdown lock.

  • Anyone can secure the room with a flip of the red lever!
  • Allows free egress at all times.
  • Meets all Life Safety and ADA Codes.
  • Contains an interior lever trim that replaces existing lever trim.

QUICKBOLT™ Instant Lockdown Locks


QUICKBOLT Instant Lockdown Locks provides instant bolting of the door with a press of the red button, and installs over existing cylindrical lever locksets.

  • Maintains single motion free egress at all times.
  • Meets all life safety and ADA codes.
  • Thru-bolted steel housing with heavy stainless steel bolt, adapter to existing lever, and flame-retardant glass fiber nylon cover.
  • Lock status indicator window turns red when lockdown is activated, easily seen from across a room.
  • Metal installation template ensures accurate and fast installations for interfacing with all popular cylindrical locks. QuickBolt accepts any standard rim cylinder and greatly increases the security of your doors while focusing on life safety.
  • Certified: QUICKBOLT is approved to be used as a component in a Fire Door assembly with 1/3-hour rating with Hose Stream.
  • Rim cylinder required (standard or removable core) and available separately. Core not included.

SecuriGuard Magnetic Cylinder Protector

QAL school lock magnetic cylinder protector

This concealed cylinder can be used on a classroom lock and resists vandalism, bumping, and unauthorized key use. It's designed to fit over removable core or standard cylinders, and prevents blocking with superglues and other forms of vandalism to the lock cylinder.

Protect Against Picking, Prying and Vandalism

The first guardplate to completely conceal the school lock cylinder and keyhole, this cylinder protector installs over existing rim or mortise locks or exit devices, and comes with 2 keys. Its sleek profile cannot be opened by ordinary magnets and shields the cylinder from attack by vandalism or picking. It has a clear aluminum finish, and no wiring or batteries are required.

What is “Bumping”?
Burglars often take a regular key and mill it down, creating a “bump key.” The bump key is inserted into the lock and with a tap of a hammer, the lock opens. It’s so easy a child can do it! The technique has been around for over 20 years and is spreading like wildfire thanks to the internet.

Time-Out Room Constant Supervision Lock

A Situation That is Now Common

Designed to meet constant supervision requirements and codes for time-out rooms in schools, our 3-bolt projection school door locks include horizontal and vertical bolts, while the 1-point bolt projection lock includes horizontal bolts for outswing doors. These locks are easy to install on existing doors to prevent break out attempts. Use the 3 bolt projection for larger, stronger students, and the 1 bolt for milder scenarios. Bolts are made of stainless steel. Field adjustable to heights of 7′ and under. Please specify handing (LH, LHR, RH or RHR) when ordering. An optional reinforcement kit can be used with the 3-point bolt projection time out classroom lock.

Time Out room door

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SSI Guardian Quick Lockdown

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QAL VS. Barricade Devices

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