Cyber Threat Analysis and Assessment

With the widespread use of social media, email, and other forms of electronic communication these days, it’s more difficult than ever to determine the validity of a threat to your school, business, or organization. When is a student simply expressing his frustration online and when is he making a threat against your school? How do you know when a threat is real and what type of action you should take? With our experience in law enforcement and security, the professional team at SSI Guardian can help. Our expert team is skilled in cyber threat analysis, helping you to investigate and respond to threats in an appropriate manner.

Cyber threat assessment is a complicated task. You can’t rely on an inexperienced consultant to understand the complexities of threat management. The security consulting team at SSI Guardian has years of practical expertise in federal security management, intelligence and counterintelligence, law enforcement, and protective operations. We know how to assess a threat, whether it’s to a school, office, hospital, or other facility, and determine the best response.

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