Emergency Communications Planning

During a crisis, it’s vitally important that everyone involved be made aware of the situation and informed about ongoing security measures. As part of our comprehensive security consulting, the skilled professionals at SSI Guardian can help your organization develop an emergency communications plan that’s clear and effective. We’ll work to identify all of those individuals who need to be kept informed of emergency situations, what type of information they need, and how they can be contacted. Working with your organization’s leadership and local first responders, we’ll create an effective crisis communication plan, no matter the emergency.

Communications Stakeholders

Most crisis situations happen unexpectedly, so it’s important to know how you’ll get important information out to those who need it. You may need to quickly open emergency communications with some or all of the following:

In addition to our experience in law enforcement and the military, our school security consulting team also includes trained mental health professionals. Understanding the mind of an active shooter or other individual who may be planning to cause harm in your school is vital to preparing for and minimizing the risk of an incident. We also bring an understanding of how people react during crisis situations, helping you to create or assess an existing emergency plan that takes real world behavior into account.

  • Police, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders
  • Administrators, managers, and/or senior leadership
  • Staff members and employees
  • Internal security personnel

Exactly who needs to be part of the communication process will depend on your organization and its structure, so having a customized emergency communication plan that’s tailored to your specific needs is key. During an active shooter incident at a school, for example, you may need to update parents with controlled and verified information. We’ll help you create a plan that’s designed for your needs and allows clear communication between those who need it most.

Emergency Management Technology

When your school or organization needs next generation, real-time emergency management, SSI Guardian can help. We offer ReadyOp™ incident management and response software. A completely web-based solution, ReadyOp™ combines planning and preparation; emergency response, mitigation, and recovery; and after action evaluation and reporting to help your organization manage any type of crisis situation. This tool permits easy communication between individuals and groups, whether they are part of the same organization or different agencies. Contact SSI Guardian at 877-878-5800 to learn more.