School Emergency Planning

With a comprehensive, professional school emergency plan, your school will be prepared to handle any crisis. Every school faces potential threats from both inside and out, from bullying to active shooters, and it’s vitally important to have a plan for how to deal with these incidents. The experienced security consultants at SSI Guardian will work with you develop a school crisis plan that’s tailored to your organization and its specific needs, challenges, and objectives. We’ll also make sure that your school emergency plan achieves district and state compliance.

A School Emergency Plan Starts with a Security Assessment

Before you create a new school emergency plan, it’s important to have trained security professionals perform a site security audit and risk assessment to understand your existing strengths and weaknesses. The expert security consultants at SSI Guardian have extensive training and experience, allowing them to provide an audit that reviews the physical environment of the school, human behavior within that environment, and how technology is integrated. We’ll look at your current plans, policies, and procedures and evaluate what’s working – and what’s not.

Security Policies and Procedures

School safety plans begin by establishing security policies and procedures designed with your school’s specific situation in mind. Each school is different, so it’s important to create a plan that takes your unique environmental factors into account. Once we’ve investigated your existing security policies and procedures, and how effectively those policies are implemented and followed, we’ll work with your organization’s leadership to develop any needed solutions. We’ll address any gaps and vulnerabilities in process, training, and policy enforcement. SSI Guardian will craft solutions that work for your school and meet your district and state requirements.

Research shows that 75% of school shooters who were students felt bullied at school. Bullying has become a serious threat, especially with social media giving abusers access to their victims around the clock. It’s important for your school to understand this threat and empower teachers and staff to identify bullying and how to address it. Our team can work with schools to create policies for addressing these issues on campus, including teaching anti-bullying lessons and strategies.

Emergency Operations Planning

With the range of potential threats in today’s educational environment, it’s more important than ever to be prepared. SSI Guardian works with internal and external stakeholders to create customized emergency plans for schools that address their specific security objectives. Our school emergency plans are developed in close collaboration with your schools leadership, as well as with local emergency first responders and other important parties. Security plans that integrate all functional areas of your organization are key to successful risk management.

In many cases, schools face security threats that are unexpected, and which can be both catastrophic and costly. We can help you develop a school crisis plan to help you manage and mitigate potentially dangerous situations, including active shooter incidents, bomb threats, and threats of terrorism. Our experts can also help you to address concerns about bullying in your school and gangs.

Cyber Threat Management

The growth of social media and electronic communications has created an open virtual world that encourages more interaction than ever before. Unfortunately, this openness has also lead to a dramatic increase in cyber bullying, online stalking, and threats to individuals, schools, and employees. SSI Guardian can provide cyber threat assessment and management solutions to address these issues. We can help you assess the validity of online threats, investigate them, and respond to them in a controlled manner.

SSI Guardian’s comprehensive school security consulting services relies on knowledgeable experts with practical experience in school security to work with you to develop a plan that’s tailored just to your school. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your school a safer place, where learning comes first.