School Risk Assessment

Before you jump into buying new security equipment or making school policy changes, it’s important to first understand how your current efforts are working. With an honest school risk assessment from SSI Guardian, we’ll not only review your facility’s physical environment, we’ll also look at human behavior within that environment and how technology has been integrated. A comprehensive risk assessment for your school will play a critical part in ensuring that your organization is safe and secure.

Every school should have a safety and security site risk assessment conducted on a yearly basis to look for any new issues and to evaluate how past efforts have succeeded. Our team is expertly trained to determine how effectively your school is implementing your security policies and procedure, in identifying gaps, and finding solutions to keep your school secure.

School Security Audits

When many people consider school security, they think about the physical threats: Are doors secured against intruders? Do classrooms have locks that can be used quickly? Is there video surveillance and other electronic devices to monitor potential situations? These are all key elements to a security audit and threat assessment in schools, but they are only one part of SSI Guardian’s comprehensive approach. Our school risk assessments start with looking at the physical environment, reviewing and evaluating your current security measures and recommend areas for enhancement and improvement.

Our school security experts are also trained in understanding human behavior and how it impacts school safety. Even the best security measures won’t work if they are not implemented effectively. Simple human error can open your school up to greater risks. An inclusive risk assessment in schools looks at these factors as well and helps determine how effectively security policies are implemented.

SSI Guardian school risk assessments are the first step in a comprehensive security consulting plan. A complete threat assessment and security audit will identify your strengths and weaknesses and enable the effective development of a comprehensive school emergency plan that addresses potential issues and provides a clear structure for how to deal with security issues when they do occur.