Corporate Security Consulting

Workplace violence is a frightening reality in today’s world, but the experienced security professionals at SSI Guardian can help. We offer comprehensive corporate security consultant services, guiding your business in creating an effective and individualized security plan. Every business – whether it be a corporate office, part of the hospitality industry, or a healthcare institution – has its own unique challenges. SSI Guardian’s skilled consulting team tailors their review, planning, and solutions to your business’s specific needs. We take a comprehensive approach that incorporates planning, procedures, and training to provide best in class corporate security consulting.

What Makes SSI Guardian Different

Many different companies offer business security consulting services, but what expertise do they really bring to the table? Their consultants may have a background in one or two security fields, but can they match the depth and breadth that SSI Guardian can?

Our team members have decades of specialized experience in a range of security fields, including law enforcement, the U.S. military, federal security, executive protection, and intelligence and counterintelligence services. The men and women on our team have real-life experience in corporate security assessments, real time crisis response and management, emergency management planning and response, and much more. We’ve worked as security consultants both in the U.S. and overseas, facing some of the toughest security environments around. No request is too difficult for the SSI Guardian team.

Corporate Security Consulting Services

Because every business is unique, we offer custom business security consulting services. We’ll apply our extensive credentials to your specific situation, and work with you to create a custom security solutions approach. Our corporate security consulting typically includes the following tailored services.

Workplace Security Risk Assessment

The beginning of any security planning is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current environment. The SSI Guardian team will perform a physical site assessment to identify any vulnerabilities in your office or corporate space, as well as looking at how security technology is integrated into your environment. We also take into account the human factors and how they can impact the security of your facility. In addition, our security experts will perform a security audit, reviewing your organization’s security policies and procedures, as well as how those policies are implemented.

Workplace Violence Consulting and Threat Assessment

As part of our site assessment, our corporate security consultants will review your organization’s policies and procedures regarding workplace violence and related hazards. Our workplace violence consultants will work with you to find solutions that are customized to your office, corporate campus, or facility.

Business Emergency Planning

Successful security risk management is based on a comprehensive, customized business emergency plan. The SSI Guardian corporate security consulting team will work with your organization to create a plan that incorporates all functional areas of your organization. With our experience working with the most complex security scenarios, we can create a best fit solution tailored to your needs.

Emergency Communications

In the event of a security emergency, it’s important to be able to communicate quickly and clearly with senior management, employees, first responders, and other important stakeholders. We’ll help you to develop an emergency communication plan that keeps everyone informed with the information that they need.

Cyber Threat Assessment

Threats to your organization can come from a variety of sources, including social media, email, and other electronic means. Our business security consultants can help your company investigate and respond to such threats in a professional, controlled manner. It’s easy to make a threat; it’s much harder to assess how valid that threat may be to the safety of your company. Our team has the needed experience to help you handle threats to your company or staff members.

SSI Guardian’s corporate security consulting services can be of great benefit to large and small business, government facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and other organizations. Together with our Advanced Safety Education Training, we can provide a complete security solution to your business, regardless of your industry or geographic location. Call SSI Guardian today at 877-878-5800 to discuss your security needs and objectives.