Business Emergency Planning

As important as it is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s security, it’s equally critical to know what to do in case of a security crisis. The skilled security consultants at SSI Guardian can help your business create an emergency plan that incorporates years of experience in crisis management and security industry best practices. We’ll work with your internal and external stakeholders to devise a custom emergency preparedness and response plan that is comprehensive, cohesive, functional, and efficient.

Your Skilled Security Consulting Specialists

Emergency planning for a business, government office, or other organization can be a complicated process. Each organization is different, and it’s vital to work with a consultant who has the experience incorporating your unique strengths, weaknesses, and regulatory requirements. The SSI Guardian team has specific expertise in crisis preparedness planning and management is some of the most complex environments. We can help you create an on-site emergency plan for major threats, such as kidnapping and terrorism, as well as more common potential crises, including workplace violence and fire safety.

Creating a Business Emergency Plan

The process of creating an emergency plan for your business involves multiple steps; any consultant who claims that they can come in and hand you a “one-size fits all” plan doesn’t have the expertise to help you prepare for an emergency. The professional consultants at SSI Guardian start with a complete site assessment, looking at the physical location of your office or facility, as well as how technology is integrated into your environment and how people are likely to behave. We also closely review your current security policies and procedures, getting a complete understanding of the processes that you already have in place, as well as how those policies and procedures are being enforced.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your organization, we take a collaborative approach to creating an operational emergency plan, working with your team to develop a plan that’s specifically tailored to your business. Our security experts will address your organization’s specific security needs, challenges, and objectives, while always working to make sure that the plans achieve all state, federal, and other required agency compliance.

Comprehensive Security Consulting and Training

Developing a functional emergency preparedness and response plan is one of the most important things your company can do, and hiring skilled professionals to help is absolutely vital to its success – and yours. SSI Guardian not only can help you create the best emergency plan for your business, we provide complete, comprehensive, and cohesive security consulting services to address all of your security needs. This includes our Advanced Safety Education Training, which provides life critical training for all types of industries and geographic locations. Like our business emergency planning services, this training is customized to your office or facility and addresses your organizations specific needs and challenges.

SSI Guardian offers evidence-based security consulting and crisis preparedness planning for all types of organizations, including corporate campuses, government offices, hotels and other hospitality venues, schools and college campuses, hospitals, and more. Our Advanced Safety Education Training was developed by skilled academic and security professionals and is a fully accredited Continuing Education Unit from North Carolina State University. Contact SSI Guardian today at 877-878-5800 to learn more about how we can help you.