Security Risk Assessment for the Workplace

Your workplace should be a place where you focus on your job – not your safety. The experienced security consultants at SSI Guardian are experts at site security risk assessment, looking at the safety of your office or facility from multiple angles. Our comprehensive assessments consider the physical nature of your office, factory, or other work space, as well as human behavior and how technology has been integrated into your environment. A complete threat assessment and security audit can identify areas of potential risk as the first step toward creating a proactive risk mitigation strategy.

Expert Insight, Applied with Industry Best Practices

The skilled workplace security consultants at SSI Guardian bring decades of experience in security and law enforcement to your company. Our staff have been trusted with ensuring the security of organizations around the world, often in areas of high risk. We have dealt with some of the most complex security scenarios, and no situation is too difficult for our team.

Every workplace is unique, so we offer customized security consulting and safety assessments that are tailored to your specific concerns. We’ve worked with government and healthcare institutions, corporate campuses, hotels and other hospitality providers, and other organizations to ensure that their employees are safe and secure. All Hazards Consulting addresses everything from fire safety to the threat of an active shooter or terrorist attack.

Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

For most businesses, the threat of violence in the workplace is a genuine, valid concern. Our workplace violence risk assessment helps you understand the potential areas of weakness in your organization, as well as assisting in the development of security policies and procedures that can help keep your employees safe. SSI Guardian offers Ph.D.-authored, evidence-based Advanced Safety Education Training, which can teach your company how to prepare for and mitigate risk.

Emergency Planning, Communications, and Threat Management

No matter what your business does, SSI Guardian helps you stay secure. Once our executive consulting team has completed their security risk assessment, they’ll work with your senior staff members to develop a comprehensive emergency plan that is cohesive, efficient, and functional. We’ll also help you develop an effective way to communicate with your staff and other important stakeholders during and after an emergency.

In addition, our team’s experience in law enforcement and security will be at your disposal for cyber threat assessment and management. We’ll work with your staff to help assess the validity of threats to your organization and assist you with developing a response that’s both professional and controlled.