ReadyOp emergency management software

ReadyOp™ Emergency Management Software

Incident Command

During a crisis, clear lines of communication are vital. The ReadyOp™ emergency management software provides clearly defined tasks and methods of contact to help ensure that information can be distributed through the chain of command in an orderly and efficient manner. This web-based system is designed for schools, hospitals, companies, and government agencies that need a unified command center and communication system.

Visual management dashboard

The ReadyOp™ crisis management software is simple to learn and use, and the visual management dashboard allows users to quickly see what’s going on. You can easily locate, assign tasks to, and communicate with individuals and groups in a single agency or across multiple organizations. This is ideal for planning and preparation for special events and emergency incidents, as well as daily operations.

ReadyOp command center
ReadyOp offers continuity and resiliency

Continuity & Resiliency

ReadyOp™ SaaS provides unparalleled continuity and resiliency, ensuring availability when you need it. This emergency management software integrates secure, browser-based software with text, voice, and email alerts that are available anywhere in the world.

No software to install, always on

With web-based emergency management software, you can connect from anywhere in the world with nothing more than your web browser or smartphone. There’s no software to download or install, which means that you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues or making sure that everyone on your team has the latest updates. What’s more, it’s always on and always available, ready during any emergency situation.

Discover Real Interoperability

Raise the bar for interoperable communications. The breakthrough ReadyOp™ cloud platform provides true real-time interoperability. During a crisis, it’s vital that you be able to easily communicate with everyone, from employees and upper management, to first responders and law enforcement personnel, to parents and family members, depending on your specific situation. You need a reliable school notification system and an emergency management system that can communicate with computers, radios, and other communications systems.

Connect disparate systems

Bridge the gap in crisis communications by connecting smartphones, laptops, desktops, and land mobile radio systems together, ensuring that you can communicate with everyone. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can communicate with those you need to.

ReadyOp lets you connect many systems.
ReadyOp gives you multiple methods of contact

Unified Notifications

ReadyOp™ emergency management software allows you to easily distribute critical notifications to those in need – when you need them to be notified.

Multiple methods of contact

Our emergency management software allows you to quickly deliver critical information to users via alerts, SMS, MMS, e-mail, phone calls, conferences, and land mobile radio systems, increasing engagement and decreasing response times. Communicate with parents, staff, police and first responders, and anyone else who needs to know what’s going on during a crisis situation without worrying about how to get your message out.


ReadyOp™ emergency management software

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